10 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

6April 2018

10 Reasons why local businesses should use email marketing to generate a steady lead flow

  • At the end of the year 2016, the total number of email accounts globally was 4.3 billion. Of those accounts, 91% of email account holders checked their email every single day. That’s a lot of consumers that can be reached through email marketing, in a short amount of time. (Sources: Radicati and ExactTarget)
  • Of all the messages that aren’t opened immediately after they’re sent, 76% of email messages are still opened within two days. (source: Alchemy Worx)
  • Email marketing is becoming the norm. In 2016 alone, 215.3 billion email marketing messages per day were sent. In fact, businesses send more email messages for marketing than for any other reason, with 54% of all emails sent by businesses in 2016 were for marketing purposes. (sources: Epsilon, and Forrester)

  • Email marketing is also very effective. The majority of consumers, 74%, prefer to receive marketing messages through email rather than any other form of communications. (source: Merkle)
  • That might be why another majority – 66% of consumers – have purchased something online as a direct result of an email marketing. (source: Direct Marketing Association)
  • Nearly half – 48% of marketing emails sent by businesses – are opened on a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. However, only 11% of those emails are optimized for mobile devices, suggesting that most companies need to start doing more to make their websites, and email marketing campaigns mobile-friendly. (sources: Litmus, and Equinux)
  • By 2018 80% of email users are expected to access their email accounts via a mobile device. (source: small business trends)
  • The importance of making both websites and email marketing campaigns mobile-friendly is important. 69% of users will delete emails that they can’t open or view properly on their mobile devices. (source: Litmus)
  • Email marketing has a better ROI than any other type of marketing at 4,300% (source: Direct Marketing Association)
  • Many businesses are now combining email marketing with social networking. Of those businesses running email marketing campaigns, 59% are bringing those campaigns over to the social side. (source: eConsultancy)

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